Where to get Seafood for Lent on Magazine

Where to get Seafood for Lent on Magazine

For seafood Fridays and other meatless meals for Lent, check out these Magazine Street restaurants. Shrimp, crawfish, and other local seafood favorites star in these post-Carnival, Lent-friendly dishes. If you’re craving crawfish in particular, we’ve got you covered with fantastic crawfish dishes (and some crawfish accessories too!).


Rum House

Rum house has tons of seafood and vegetarian options like their Red Curry Shrimp “Rundown” or delicious Lent-friendly tacos.



Cast iron seared fish – Gris-Gris’ top-selling item – is EAT FIT approved AND a great meat free option! Other meat-free dishes include Shrimp&Gris-Gris Grits, Creole Redfish Courtbouillon, and Flambeaux Shrimp. Stop in to find out more!

Dat Dog Sea Dog

Dat Dog

Catch Dat Dog’s Lenten special, the Sea Dog! It’s crispy beer-battered fried cod in our signature sourdough bun with onions, tomatoes, yellow mustard and homemade tartar sauce.


Breaux Mart

Fish or shrimp? Breaux Mart’s buffet makes it easy to get your Friday fix.


Reginelli’s Pizzeria

No meat? No problem? Reginelli’s has plenty of options, from delicious crawfish pizza to vegetarian showstoppers Amici Gnocchi with mushrooms, spinach, bbq onions and feta.


Joey K’s

Joey K’s has plenty of seafood options: Eggplant Napoleon, Fried Green Tomatoes w/ Grilled Shrimp, and All-U-Can-Eat Fried Catfish to name just a few.