Magazine Street Insiders Guide

Mother's Day Gifts and Treats

Head to Magazine Street to find something special for Mom on Mother's Day.

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Happy Hour on Magazine Street

Magazine Street has some of the best happy hours around. Get more bang for your buck with these specials on drinks and food.

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The best spots for crawfish on Magazine

Get boiled crawfish, crawfish-themed decor for your own boil, or crawfish gear to show your love of the tasty crustaceans.

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Oysters on Magazine Street

'Tis the season for those briny delicious bivalves we love so much here in the Gulf South.

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Where to get Seafood for Lent on Magazine

For seafood Fridays and other meatless meals during Lent, check out these Magazine Street restaurants.

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St. Patrick's Day on Magazine Street 2022

Get your green on Magazine to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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Mardi Gras Decor, Clothing, and More

From costumes to catering, here's where to go to get ready for Mardi Gras.

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King Cake for Carnival Season

Find delicious king cakes, king cake decor, and king cake gear on Magazine Street.

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For the cocktail enthusiast

Love cocktails? Magazine Street has expertly crafted cocktails and supplies for the home enthusiast.

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The best New Orleans gift cards

Gift cards are an easy option for giving, and the best ones are found on Magazine Street.

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Gifts for the Home Cook

Find the perfect gift for for home cooks and aspiring chefs.

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Where to get Saints Black & Gold essentials

Who Dat! Find the best Saints t-shirts, accessories, decor, and more on Magazine Street.

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