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St. George’s Episcopal School has been boldly reimagining education for fifty years with a curriculum that’s anything but cookie cutter. We serve students from age one to 8th grade, and our purpose is to develop fully, not merely educate, each student. We want each child to grow academically, intellectually, creatively, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want every child to have not only those skills and tools needed to function effectively in successive schools, but also to have the assurance, insight and understanding that help an individual be happy in later life, as contributions are made to self and society.

We exist to serve effectively a broad spectrum of student capabilities, ranging from average to gifted, in a family-like atmosphere of care and concern.Our faculty is staffed and equipped to handle a broad variety of learning styles and teaching requirements, including a limited number of students with learning difficulties and/or special gifts and talents. We believe our student body derives great strength from its diversity.

Our goals are to do what is right and best for each student; to educate to the highest individual capability; to challenge to the full extent of personal capacity; to develop in each child a sense of true worth and moral responsibility; and to instill value as a contributing member of the school family.

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