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Pollack Glass Studio and Gallery is a private atelier in New Orleans, Louisiana, founded by Andrew Pollack and his friends and family. With emphasis on lampworked glass techniques, Andrew teaches and features his artwork alongside other talented artists. Andrew has worked with schools in the community for over 15 years. This space serves as a place for Andrew and his team to create and to educate. The Studio accommodates weekly classes, monthly workshops with leading artists in the field, as well as community torch nights, and special events. The Gallery hosts rotating exhibitions with a central focus on glass, in addition to serving local and national artists as a top-notch, commercial showroom. 


Lampworking, Flameworking, and Torchworking are a few of the common terms used to describe the type of glasswork that Pollack Glass specializes in. It is one of the oldest forms of hot glass working. Lampworked glass is created by manipulating glass over the flame from a torch, as opposed to gathering molten glass from a hot furnace. Anything hollow usually begins with hollow glass tubing and anything solid begins with solid glass rod that is heated and softened in the flame. Most lampworked glass art is on the small to medium scale of size, but is super detailed and includes a wide range of possibilities from beads, marbles and paperweights to figurines, drinking vessels, sculptures, and the list goes on. Andrew also utilizes other hot and cold techniques in his own work and the gallery represents a wide range of glass working techniques. 


Not only is the Studio an ideal spot for lamp working artists who rent space, it also hosts a full curriculum of classes for beginners and those seeking to reacquaint themselves to the medium (see website for current schedule). Additionally, national and international artists are invited to the space yearly to teach 2 – 4 day intensives for glass artists looking to improve/expand their skills. Group events are encouraged and often scheduled, from birthday parties to team building events to whisky tastings.

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