Esom Art – Tony & Tracey Mose

Esom Art – Tony & Tracey Mose

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Artist Gallery/Studio. Original work by Tony & Tracey Mose.

Tony paints with acrylics—sometimes introducing mixed media—on canvas as well as on birch panels. He also creates plaster sculptures, which he then paints. For Tony, his inspiration comes from within. When approaching a canvas, he lets his brush speak through him with every sliding, gliding, flick of the wrist. He takes what he sees around him, and imbues his artwork with the feelings and memories found therein.

His figurative work stems from people-watching, where he imagines what a person’s stories might be. He then translates those stories into his artwork, and each piece is as individualistic as the person who inspired it. He leaves it up to the viewer to finish where he left off—to interpret who that person might be and what their stories might entail. He says that it is our common thread of humanity that ties us emotionally to a piece of artwork.

Tony’s cannon of work also includes abstract paintings and landscapes. For his abstracts, he translates his emotions directly onto his canvasses. His landscapes range from lively, colorful water lilies to subdued swamplands that epitomize his home state of Louisiana.

Tracey graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a business degree, which has come in handy over the years. For her work, Tracey takes inspiration from the people and urban architecture in New Orleans. She starts her process by taking inspirational photographs throughout the Crescent City, which she then translates onto canvas using acrylic paint. She is obsessed with how the past of New Orleans lives on in the present, and her abstract Urban Expressionism paintings reflect this synergy of an interwoven past and present—even in her use of negative space. Tracey also works in mixed media, creating digital artwork that she then transfers onto aluminum and large-scale mirrors accentuated with paint. She lives by the motto that we can all live an artful life.

After operating in ESOM ART on Magazine Street for a few years, Tracey started taking inspiration from all of the creative and artistic businesses in the area. She decided to express her creativity in a new way by designing jewelry. Fascinated by the Studio 54-era—the looseness of the time period and the big, statement pieces—she created her Rock Stud collection of fine jewelry. It includes earrings and necklaces made from gold and silver, paired with fine gemstones and pearls.

Visit the Gallery’s French Quarter location at 811 Royal Street.

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