The Best Place for Headshots is on Magazine Street

September 10, 2018

Zack Smith Photography offers a customized, modern approach to headshots and social media profile photos on bustling Magazine Street, surrounded by some of the best eats, drinks, and shopping.

Capture your Brand Aesthetic

Headshots are more important than ever - for print, web, and social media

Getting a new profile photo or headshot is not like it used to be, or at least not at Zack Smith Photography. Zack provides professional high quality business headshots and lifestyle photography at his studio at 4514 Magazine St. in a format you may actually enjoy!

You can consult with Zack directly to inquire about headshot packages for web, print, and social media applications such as LinkedIN and Facebook. You view lighting schemes, similar headshots, and create your very own “look.” Whether you are looking to schedule a headshot for yourself or your employees, Zack Smith Photography can provide you a custom experience that values your time and brand aesthetic.

Premier Headshots in a premier destination

Find inspiration from Zack’s prime location on Magazine Street

But why come to JUST get a headshot? I mean, you're on Magazine Street right?

"I am grateful to be nestled in the Uptown Historic District and on one of the most premier shopping districts in the world, Magazine Street! Just on my block alone you can get the finest French pastries and coffee from La Boulangerie, fresh juices and the tasty Bulletproof ghee coffee from RAW Republic. Want food? You can find me at Del Fuego Taqueria or Sukho Thai across the street! Contact me to begin talking about how you can make your next headshot a relaxing and rewarding day on Magazine Street! Book your next headshot with me in Uptown New Orleans and make a day of it!" - Zack


Zack Smith Photography

Studio now open at 4514 Magazine for Business Headshots, Branding and Lifestyle Photography, Photography Workshops and more.

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